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Home Pics

Ah, the famous sleeping Kaitlin pictures.  Mom and dad wish they saw more of these at 3:00 a.m., but that's my favorite play time.

Here's my cousing Seamus, looking like an old pro already.  I'm not sure if that's a sweet look or a devilish grin on Seamus' face...

Help!  I'm being chased by a giant hand!

                              What does a girl have to do to get
                        a cup of coffee around here?  

You know, sometimes I really don't enjoy this car seat thing.  And what's up with my hair?  Dad's starting to do the comb-over on me too.

Here we are getting ready to celebrate mom and dad's sixth wedding anniversary.  Special thanks to Kim and Ellie for the fabulous dinner - too bad mom wouldn't let me have any.

Mostly, I just want you all to know that everything is A-OK with me in my new home with mom and dad.  

They were a little slow at first, but they're learning.  A few more years of my expert tutoring and they'll be great parents!